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Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Yes and no.  If you know which services you are looking for and the  approximate square footage, we can give you a quote over the phone  based on the information you share with us however, we would need to visit your property if you need a proper price and assessment.

How much water does my lawn need?

Rule of thumb is that your lawn should receive about 1 inch of water each week, per area.  We tell our clients to water once each week and if it rains as well, consider that a bonus

What is the best time of the day to water?

Watering is best done during the morning.  Avoid watering during the heat of the day since a lot of water will be wasted due to evaporation. Evening watering should be avoided to prevent diseases and fungus outbreaks.

Do mushrooms and toadstools damage my lawn and what causes them?

Toadstools are parasites that thrive on dead plant parts such as leaves. twigs and thatch in the lawn. Certain weather conditions trigger the toadstools to pop up.  Once the plant matter has decomposed or the weather conditions change, the process stops.  They do not normally cause a problem.  We tell our clients to kick  them off or pick them out and dispose of them.

How often should I cut my lawn?

A lawn should be cut once each week under normal growing conditions.  In the spring when lawns receive a lot of water, sometimes cutting every 4 to 5 days may be required.  Do not cut more than 1/3 of the plant off per cut.

Is mulching or bagging better for my lawn?

Mulching is by far better for the lawn as it helps to put moisture and nutrients back into the ground.  If the lawn gets very long before cutting, it would be best to rake the clippings or use a bagger otherwise the clippings will be too long for  decomposition, and if left on the lawn, will suffocate the grass which will cause damage to the turf.

Can I over fertilize my lawn?

Yes, it is possible to over fertilize.  Some people think that “more is better”.  When fertilizing especially with a slow release product, the nutrients are released gradually as the lawn is irrigated. If too much is put down and the lawn can not absorb it, it is wasted as run off.  The other issue is that of root and top-growth health.  Healthy turf should have a healthy root system.  If the plant is rapidly fed, the nutrients keep going to the plant as top-growth and the root system will become weak.  It is very important to keep a balanced feeding schedule.

What is the best cutting height for my grass?

We encourage our clients to keep the lawn at around 2.5 inches after it has been cut.  Discretion is needed in some cases since there are several grass species which do not look good at the recommended height.  Our staff can advise if more information is needed.

We always tell clients that the first cut and last cut of the season should be short (not scalped). This helps to even the lawn as it grows and helps to make it grow straight.

If possible, lawns should be cut in a different direction each time, this also will help to keep the lawn growing straight.

When should white grubs be treated?

We treat for white grubs mid August to mid October.  We use nematodes which have to be applied while the skin of the grub is soft, enabling it to penetrate into and kill the grubs. Grubs can also be treated around mid to end of May but the kill rate is very low.

Does Ultra Lawn provide minor repairs?

Repairs or renovations are not something we normally provide due to the fact that repairs are needed in the spring which is our busiest time.  There are times when we are able to provide small repairs on a first come, first serve basis

Do I need all services listed on your website?

No.  We offer many services but when we assess a lawn, we only recommend what is required.  We will explain the reasons for the recommendations with you.  We do not upsell just to make an extra buck.  We want to gain your confidence and have you know that you only pay for what you need.

Do you kill all vegatation.............?

We do have products to kill all vegatation on interlock and gravel driveways etc , we call it topkill.  Unlike synthetic products that killed to the root, the new products are a topical burn. The product works super fast.  Regrowth after the spray depends on weather. If we get a lot of rain, the plants grow back faster than normal. It is a good idea to get 2 or 3 applications each year for best results.

Can you kill poison ivy?

Yes, we can kill poison ivy.  We can still use roundup which kill to the root.  This product can only be used for poisonous plants like poison ivy, poison oak and giant hog weed.  It is banned for use on driveways and paths etc as that is considered a cosmetic service.

Is Ultra Lawn covered under Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?

Yes. Ultra Lawn carries proper coverage.  This protects our employees and our clients in the event that there is a work related injury.

Does Ultra Lawn carry proper business and liability insurance?

Yes. Ultra Lawn has proper insurance as mandated my the Ministry of the environment? Without proper coverage, an extermination business can not get an operators licence to conduct it’s business.  We want to protect ourselves and our clients interests.

Does Ultra Lawn possess an operators licence from the Ministry of the Environment?

Yes. Ultra Lawn has always operated a legitimate business and carried the proper licences through the Ministry of the Environment.

Do I need to be home when you arrive to give me the estimate?

It is not necessary to be home when we come to give the quote, we can leave it in a mailbox or other designated place.  We prefer potential clients to be home to discuss the quote because concerns can be addressed and the technician can explain things in much more detail.

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