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Ultra lawn recommends aeration every season as a proactive approach to a healthy lawn. Aeration is a beneficial service for several reasons. It is the process of removing plugs or cores of soil from the lawn with a machine called a core aerator. Removing the soil cores helps to reduce compaction and allows for air circulation. Combined with proper watering and fertilizer, it will help to encourage root development. The cores would remain on the lawn and break down over time with rain and watering, no need to remove them from the lawn.

Aeration helps to break through thick thatch layers (thatch is a layer of living and dead plant matter that sits above the surface of the soil) when a dethatch or power raking is not enough. Sometimes aeration and dethatching are both necessary for a few seasons until the lawn can be better managed.

Aeration is sometimes necessary after a harsh winter when there is a lot of winterkill or snow mould from snow sitting on the lawn for long periods of time.  The aeration helps to rejuvenate the lawn at a faster rate.

Aeration is beneficial when done just before an over seeding.  A lot of the seed that gets deposited in the holes will germinate very quickly and will have a deeper established root system.