The frequency at which you cut your lawn does matter. Lawns should be cut on a regular basis, normally once each week during the summer.  In the spring and fall when the grass grows at a faster pace due to a lot of rain, cutting may be required on a more frequent basis (every 4 or 5 days). We recommend leaving the grass at an average of 3 inches when it has been cut, however, different grass species will need to be assessed and adjustments made to the recommendation for best results.  Cutting in different directions is recommended as it helps the grass plant to grow straighter. Make sure that your lawn mower blade is kept sharp.  If the blades are dull it shreds the grass plant and leaves a discolouration to the overall look of the lawn.  Sometimes this leads to disease on the lawn.  It is a good idea not to allow the grass to become long before cutting it for the following reasons.  If it is too long it has a tendency to lean over or become flattened which hurts the grass underneath of it.  If you leave long clippings on the lawn, they won’t decompose which will contribute to a thatch problem.  We recommend mulching your lawn but again this must be done frequently so the clippings break down.  It is suggested that no more than 1/3 of the plant be removed with each cutting.