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Watering is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn.  Lawns that are properly irrigated are thicker and get less weeds and crabgrass than lawns that have been neglected and become weak. Watering helps in reducing the chances of developing a surface insect problem such as chinch bugs.  Deep waterings are best compared to a shallow watering.  We suggest 3 to 4 hours per area each week or 1 inch of water per area each week for best results.  Morning is the best time to water to prevent losing moisture to evaporation during hot weather and it also allows the lawn to dry out during the day to reduce chances of developing fungus.  Soil type will dictate the amount of watering.  Clay soil usually needs 1 heavy watering each week whereas sandy soil which is more porous requires more frequent waterings.  Call Ultra Lawn if you require more information.